Our Clients Think We're Pretty Cool

"Just Packaging is a great partner. Anyone in charge of the operations of a fast pace brand knows that you can never plan out 100% of what your marketing team dreams up. Just Packaging helps with our “emergency” assemblies and promotional marketing, shipping out to hundreds (if not thousands) of salons with less than a week’s notice."

Todd, Ouidad

"My experience with Just Packaging has been terrific, making everything that we have asked to be done, completed in a timely and professional manner. I feel very comfortable expanding our business with the support of Just Packaging.I recommend this company in the strongest possible terms."

Ed, Zoono

"Great communication, pleasant staff, timely responses. Besides a gold star, not sure what else to say."

Mark, Strivectin

"“Working with Just packaging is always a pleasure. They understand our business needs and support ourinitiatives”"

Tommy, Revlon

We Like to Be Different

We're Set apart from the Rest

We're not your typical warehouse, we thrive on being different... As a multi-generational family run company, we treat our customers like our business... when you're here you're family... It also helps that we have over 200 + combined years of service in the industry. Our philosophy "when your product is perfect so is your business", let us handle the everything from back office support, logistics, manufacturing, and even a small in house call center. We can handle any size company, from small start up...to established mature brands... let JPI be your home away from home.

We've Got Experience

Our core management team represents more than 100 years of awesome packaging experience. So to say the least, our years of experience predate the dinosaurs. Not only that, but our SEDS (Safety, Economy, Durability, Security) audit process can support your package design with an eye towards functionality and logistics cost.

Our House is Bigger

Our class "E" licensed, FDA registered, state-of-the-art 225,000 sq. ft. facilities, are fully insured, sprinklered, electronically monitored for fire and security, and features central station and direct local coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And with 20 loading docks to boast of, we are positive there's nothing we can't handle.

We're Really Flexible

We know that no matter how far in advance and how well you plan disasters will happen. However, we pride ourselves in our ability to guide you through those mission critical moments by aligning with customers as long-term strategic partners. We'll join you in the development of your annual plans and help you handle the "surprises"!